Power Time Tracker 1.0

Power Time Tracker is a time tracking and customer billing solution made for freelancers By a freelancer. It provides a quick and easy way to enter customer and project details that can be billed using an hourly or flat rate. It makes it easy to track which projects are open, invoiced, and paid. You can generate invoices for your customers with just a couple mouse clicks. A comprehensive video tutorial demonstrates how to get the most out of the product. Prompt and professional customer support is provided for any product issues.
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Import and Export CSV files

Importing and exporting lists (Customers, Projects, Invoices ect.)
Tomer D, 03.05.2016, 23:11
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Collaborate through a SECURE cloud network

Employees sitting in different parts of the world will be able to work together if the application has a cloud network (secured).
Sapphire, 03.05.2016, 10:13
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Option to backup and restore database

One great option that would be required is a Backup and Restore feature as I am sure the database will grow immensely after a period of time. Possible Archiving would be nice too.
Shawn, 03.05.2016, 17:12
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Data location

This program stores its data in the documents folder of the user installing it. If you install it using an admin account, a normal user can't access the data files when they run it. Simply needs to use a different folder by default
Iain Harrison, 03.05.2016, 13:28
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add GBP

Only USD, CAD and EU are supported. I want to use GBP but why not make this configurable for any currency?
Iain Harrison, 03.05.2016, 13:30
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Phone number formats

The program only accepts phone numbers in US/Canada formats. Most of the world uses different formats. Please allow this.
Iain Harrison, 03.05.2016, 13:31
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Pointers to help make the program more useful.

*** Make it possible to manually enter Start & Stop times. Allow invoice to be created / edited. *** Add a place to enter an add-on rate (IE: service call) This covers Travel time, fuel, etc. which is added to other charges on current invoice....
Dan, 03.05.2016, 13:36
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show timer floating on desktop to remind running.

Show timer floating on desktop to remind me that I need to shut off timer when I am done with the task. It might be helpful to flash the icon on the task bar every XX minutes based upon a user entered default time.
Michael Raike, 03.05.2016, 15:47
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See added, an option to sync across multiple compu

I own MANY computers and sometimes when I'm out of town I have to use a different computer to write a work order/ job. So it would be really nice if I could sync the jobs/work orders across multiple computers so I have access/record of all my...
goorue, 03.05.2016, 19:42